Best Printer

What’s the best printer?

Are you looking for a new printer? If so, you’ve probably found that there are primarily two styles to choose from: inkjet and laser printers. Both models have advantages and disadvantages, so knowing the differences will help you decide which printer is best suited to your needs.

The Inkjet printer:

The inkjet printer is an excellent all-arounder, capable of producing high-quality monochrome and multi-colour prints. These printers are particularly well-suited to printing images and photographs at a higher quality than a laser printer. These printers are typically small and lightweight, making them suitable for home or personal use where large printing volumes aren’t required.

The inkjet printer is less expensive, but only if you don’t plan on using it often because the cost of replacing ink cartridges is high. When printing in black and white, it is also slower than a laser printer. An inkjet printer is a great option if you need a small office or home printer that can print sharp colours with a low projected volume of prints.

The Laser printer:

Laser printers were originally built for office use only; however, they are becoming increasingly popular at home. For printing large quantities of papers, laser printers are suitable. While they are more costly than inkjet printers, the toner is relatively inexpensive to purchase, making them an excellent option for office use because they can prove to be more cost-effective to maintain in the long term.

The mechanisms work quickly to produce a high-quality print, particularly when printing in black and white or professional documents. While many laser printers are monochrome, advances in laser printer technology now allow them to print high-quality coloured images, while inkjet printers still outperform laser printers in terms of high-resolution photos with excellent colour depth and sound. Regardless, the laser printer’s dependability, durability, and cost-effectiveness cannot be overstated.


We hope this breakdown will help you understand the differences between these two types of printer and help you make an informed decision about which is the best model for you.

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