How to convert one time buyers into loyal customers

Maintaining sales means keeping your current customers satisfied and smiling. But doubling those sales by turning one-time buyers into loyal customers and advocates of your brand will require some extra effort.


Did you know, it costs a lot more to gain a new customer than it does to retain one. What’s more, repeat customers spend more and do so over a prolonged period, sustaining your business. They’ll even promote your brand to their friends and family.


Sometimes, keeping your current customers sweet and attracting new business can be accomplished with the same techniques. Below we will focus on the ways in which you can market your business, cheaply and effectively in-store and keep customers returning time and time again.




  1. Get them on a mailing lists


80 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a firm that provides individualised experiences, and 44% of customers believe they are more likely to become repeat customers after a personalised encounter.


It’s a no-brainer to tap into each shopper’s specific goals and needs to deliver a unique journey, and one of the simplest ways to do it is through product recommendation emails.


To start an email marketing campaign, first, you need the customer’s email address and their permission to receive promotional materials. There are a lot of ways to do this via digital marketing but how can you do this in-store.


A lot of companies have started offering customers a chance to receive their receipts via email, rather than in paper form. They’ll tell you this is to “save the environment” but let’s be real, it’s your data they really want.


You’ll still need verbal confirmation from the customer that they would like to receive emails from your company, but once you have that, you also know what products they bought from you, and can use this to make personalized product recommendations to them in the future.


You might also get a customer’s email address by signing them up for a loyalty card. What does that entail you are wondering? Well, keep reading to find out.




  1. Discounts for VIPs


Everyone wants to be a part of something special, so show your regular consumers how much you appreciate them. Offer them a discount on their next purchase, send them a free present, or give them first dibs on another must-have deal to make them feel special.


According to research, discounts affect 71% of online customers, and the greater your relationship with a customer is, the more likely they are to buy into an offer (and keep coming back for more).


You might do this by offering customers discount cards or even branded scratch cards for discounts in their store or complimentary free products with each purchase. This can be a fun way to engage, amuse and entertain your customers and encourage them to return to claim prizes or discounts.




  1. Access to New Products on a First-Come, First-Served Basis


Do you want to make your current customers feel special? Why not give your current customers early access to your newest product lines? More people than ever before are yearning for a sense of community surrounding the products they buy, and nothing says “thank you” like giving your loyal customers first dibs on new or limited-edition items.


Members of the Co-op have access to special merchandise. They’re only available for a limited time, and if you want one but aren’t a member yet, you’ll need to join.




  1. Loyalty Programs for Customers


If you want customers to come back for more, you must create an online community. However, it’s also beneficial for improving income and client lifetime value. Encourage repeat consumers to join a loyalty programme in which they will be rewarded for their purchases. According to studies, loyalty schemes like this can boost income by up to 18%.


You might do this by offering a customer the opportunity to receive 15% off their next purchase when they sign up for a loyalty card or app. Not only will this enhance the likelihood of customers returning, but it will also help to strengthen customer relationships.


What’s more, once you have their email address and permission to contact them in the future with deals and discounts, you will be able to communicate with them outside of your store, to encourage them to return.






  1. Keep customers informed


Maintain the momentum by making sure clients don’t forget about you.


Newsletters are a terrific way to stay in touch with clients and remind them why they bought from you in the first place. They’re also ideal for disseminating the newest brand news, new product releases, and other useful community information.


You might also offer a printed product brochure at checkout, that outlines the various deals and discounts. You’ll see this in shops like Lidl. The customers take home a visual reminder of your business and the products of deals that you offer.


  1. In-store radio


A great way to engage shoppers while their buyer intent is high is to use in store advertising. This could be in-store radio or visual signage advertising to encourage shoppers to sign up to a loyalty program, shop the latest deals, or download an app.


In-store advertising allows you to control the narrative inside your shop and create a personalized experience for your shoppers. You set the tone, choose the tunes and the messaging and you can even hire a live radio host once or twice a week to make the experience more entertaining for shoppers.


Superdrug saw up to 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their in-store radio.




Repeat customers is the key to success


While attracting new consumers is critical, don’t put too much emphasis on it that you forget your existing customers, who are the lifeblood of your business. They not only spend more and cost less to sell to, but they are also your most ardent supporters.


By offering discounts and coupons, sending personalized emails, and keeping them up to date on new launches and brand developments using in-store advertising techniques, you can ensure that you interact with them and demonstrate that you respect their loyalty.

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