Creating a great website

Internet advertising and online commerce is big business. Promoting a company on the internet is arguably more cost-effective and more targeted than advertising on television or in print.

But to effectively promote a website and thus make a memorable “commercial” targeted to thousands of potential customers, a web designer and content writer must really know what they’re doing. Good website designs are a necessity if you want to market a product online. The days of flashing three sentence ads in giant blue text amid a white screen are over. Good website designs are high tech, eye pleasing, coordinated and more or less look like a television commercial.

That is, the good ones do. Unfortunately, there are still some websites that still don’t get what good website designs involve. While personal homepages have the right to be loud and garishly colored, it’s surprising to see how many upstart companies or entrepreneurs are still relying on old school early 90’s type of web design. Maybe they underestimate the importance of good website designs in marketing and advertising on the Internet, or just don’t see the Internet as a major source of revenue. In the coming years however, online business will continue to soar.

The most important factor when designing a website even beyond looks is what web surfers call usability. A site with good usability means that a Webmaster followed basic Internet design standards and made the site easy to use and comprehensible for its targeted audience. This is the foundation for good website designs.

Content and originality is very important. Unless a reader has something to read, information to review, or some sort of discussion of a product and service, he or she won’t stay long at just any website among 1 billion. The content must be informative, attention-grabbing yet professional, and above all well written. Good website designs are more about content than actual graphics production.

Graphics play an important role. This refers to “wallpaper”, not only to the color and style of text, but to image graphics as well as design graphics. A simple line or a bullet can add a sleek, professional look to a website. Good website designs incorporate these things.

A giant picture of a man’s face, an animal or even a beautiful scene of nature, if inappropriate to the setting, can be a turn off and can lose a customer. Likewise, graphics must be of high quality and yet of low file size, or else users will grow impatient having to wait for a 200,000 byte file to load.

Compatibility and navigation are two other important factors to consider. While many Internet surfers use Internet Explorer, others may use Netscape or Firefox as their usual web browser. If a site is not compatible with different web browsers or computers, it may actually come out much uglier than it was first designed to be.

Yes, it sounds easy. But producing good web design in Aberdeen is hard work and a billion dollar industry.

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